Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sickness and Some Fun

This is how Noah fell asleep last night. Pretty sad but he was sick all day, throwing up occasionally, slight cough, complaining of sore legs and also had a fever. No preschool for him. Mya stayed home from Kindergarten as she had a fever the night before. I wanted her to rest too, which she did by taking a nice nap. [Noah fell asleep on the floor again tonight, in nearly the same spot.]

Noah did go outside earlier in the day and Mya nabbed the camera. Great picture, I think.

Of course, what child can resist pointing the camera at themselves. There were several versions of this one but I think this is kind of funny. It screams Facebook profile picture.

Tonight we skipped church as Noah is still running a fever and Mya is tired and grumpy and bossy and, well, pretty much just being herself ;) Keith had church bills to do and I'm feeling achy in the shoulders (could be the computer). To entertain them for a few moments we made these turkeys. Got the idea from Kim K. Noah added feet and Mya put a hat on hers.

Kind of a fun little project. Very Cute! Thanks Kim!

3 viewers thoughts.:

Kim K. said...

I'm sorry to read about the sickness. Poor kiddos. I'm so touched you made the turkeys!! They turned out super cute. Extra hugs.

Laura L. said...

Sorry to hear you've had sick kids. :( I hope it's all better really soon.
Cute turkeys, and I like the self photo of Mya.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic! Hehe... Did that Hello Kitty camera work?