Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

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We had a great Thanksgiving. Keith's parents, brother and family, Erin, and the 4 of us all had turkey and the trimmings. We relaxed and chatted, enjoyed dessert, laughed and played. Joe and Rachael joined us later in the afternoon. Mya and Noah took a nap with very little fuss! When it got dark, Keith and I and the littles headed out for a neighborhood stroll to find out how many more lights folks had turned on. When we returned, we were surprised by CARRIE AND JON. Carrie had gotten tired of being alone and her roommate ditched her (yes, Jenny, that's you ;)), so she headed up to Fargo to hang out with her hubby for the weekend. They spent some time with Jon's family and then dropped unannounced. What a wonderful surprise! Erin's friend Aaron came by too. Then all the bigs headed to a movie and us "old folks" and the littles settled in to an evening of National Geographic TV--great program on the Grand Canyon. Keith's parents spent the night. When I got up the kids were yakking their ears off at the breakfast table. Everyone had a very pleasant and memorable Thanksgiving!
Today, I will share my recipe for stuffing. It's not entirely mine as I learned it from my mom but have made it own over the years.
First, get all the giblets out of the bird. This includes the tail and the neck. Put them in a saucepan and boil in water until all the meat is cooked.
Chop one large onion (more if you like)
Chop 1-2 cups of celery
Sautee in butter until softened.
Put one large bag of sage and onion flavored croutons in a large bowl.
add one large apple - chopped and 1 (or more) cup raisins
When the onion/celery mixture is ready, add to apple/raisin/crouton mix.
Now, take the cooked giblets out of the water which is now more like broth. DO NOT DUMP broth. Pick the meat off the neck and tail and put in your blender. Cut the heart, gizzard and liver (I don't use the liver) and put into the blender. Pour the broth over the meat and put cover on blender. Starting on your lowest setting and working up, run the blender until the meat mixture is pretty smooth. Be cautious if you use hot broth. Pour this meat sauce over the crouton mixture and mix well.
Refrigerate until you are ready to stuff the turkey. This make LOTS of stuffing.
If it does not all fit in the bird, put it in a casserole dish and pour chicke broth over it, then bake for about an hour.
We love it. Hope you do to.

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hollym. said...

Sounds like a great time you all had together. My family did, too!

Darling pic of the littles in your header. Noah looks like his Daddy!!:) I've always thought that..

redmaryjanes said...

Oh my goodness! Look at their Christmas photo...they are darling!

Tahir Imran said...

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