Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home Again

The Holiday Inn Express had this sitting area. How very nice!

Whiling away the time til check out and then we will sit around the airport for a couple hours.
The Tampa airport had a kids play area. It was so nice. The kids kept busy for quite a while prior to our flight. Sorry, didn't get any pics of that.

Back to home life. Feels good.

Yeah, back to playing on "my" computer!

- - - - - - -

We have made it safely home. Our pick-up gal was a bit late. So, this momma did some creative playtime. Wish I had pictures but I'm pretty sure you can visualize this. At first we thought we were just waiting for a few minutes. Mya did some dancing, both jumped over my duffle bag and watched a bird fly around inside the airport. When we realized that is was going to be a while until Erin arrived, I took the kids and headed down the way to see what we could do. We found a small circular baggage conveyor. Mya ran around it about 6 times and Noah made it about 3 times. Then, we spotted an up escalator. Oh, the joy! Right next to it was a stairway. We went up the escalator, then down the stairs and up the escalator and down the stairs. Then mom stopped and the kids continued. Up, then down; up, then down for about 10 minutes, maybe more. They were the only ones using the escalaor for the most part. They kept going while I watched Keith for a wave to tell us to come on back. The kids were not ready to quit even when I got that wave. Bummer for them!

On the way home, Mya got fussy. Traffic was heavy and she was just plain tired of sitting and started complaining about a tummy ache--common for her. A game of I Spy was the remedy. What a great game to learn to describe. Noah did a terrific description of a fire truck. I got a bit tricky because Erin and Aaron were in the back seat. My clue was "something with holes in it and lines on it". Erin got it--the road! Roads in FL did not have holes in them and the tar was a nice, nearly shiney black. Hmmm . . . the blessings and cursings of road salt! Aaron did a good one too, a bit hard for the little kid though. I spy something makes you go faster and cars go slower?? No one got it--SNOW! You go fast sliding and cars have to drive slowly in lots of it.

Once home, daddy ordered pizza, and we ate off paper plates. Erin had to do a quick clean up. Her messiness had move up a level, literally spreading into the family room and kitchen. Bed time was abbreviated as Noah fell asleep on the sofa and Mya just went to bed. Our dentist would be very disappointed in us as tooth brushing took a back seat for a week. I was shot too and went to bed before 10!!! Keith stayed up doing whatever it is he does after we all go to bed.

This morning we are taking it easy. The kids had leftover pizza for breakfast and I got my morning coffee. The cat meowed for her food and dad is doing something in his office. Home life resumes as Noah goes to get a filling this afternoon and I'm heading in to work.

Tomorrow we will get up and go to church, another new church. For anyone who has done a "church hunt", you will know that this can be a difficult process. When we made the decision to find a local church, we knew it would not be easy for us. We have tried 4 churches so far. This will be the fifth. Please pray that God will guide us to just the right one. We'd like to have a great children's ministry, vibrant youth, good worship songs, family-like congregation and to feel the presence of God throughout our visit. No, we don't want it all!! ;) We have tried the local "mega" churches and while they have lots to offer, we felt cold and distance with the congregation. Folks have told us that the small groups are the way to shorten that distant feeling. Maybe so. We'll attend this one tomorrow and then consider our options once again.

Blessings to all of you. Thanks for your comments and for keeping us on your reading list.

2 viewers thoughts.:

Kim K. said...

Home sweet home! Welcome back to laundry and getting into a routine again. I hope tomorrow's church ends up being the ONE. Hugs.

hollym. said...

There's no place like home!! Noah looks so cosy and comfy in your new nest!