Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day at the Beach

Today is supposed to be the warmest day during our trip, getting into the 60s here at Indian Rock Beach. The kids spent much of the morning digging in the sand. We all tasted the water to make sure it really was salty. We at McD's for lunch and found a local W*M to get a couple more sweatshirts as the wind is making us cold. I also got a pair of slippers for me as the wood floors are cold and it goes right up my legs and chills me through. I packed assuming it would be warmer. Of course, we found a couple that say Florida on them. Nothing fancy but fun anyway. Hopefully they will have actual memories from the trip.

Keith is kind of a driving sort. So we headed south on 275, across a huge bridge. No, I don't have the name in my head but it was cool.
Now the kids are back on the beach and I've got a lasagne in the oven that we go at Target last night. Sure is nice to have a kitchen.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Colleen said...

The beach is cool. One would think 50 to 60 degrees would be nice. It is on the prairie. But next to the ocean it's a bit chilly - especially since the wind seems to continue relentlessly.

Hope you're having fun regardless of the "chilly" weather. At least you're not wearing snow pants to keep warm!

Kim K. said...

Darn that chilly weather! You get enough of it back home!!! Enjoy every moment. Keep sharing pics. I'm soaking in all that lovely beach.

hollym. said...

Have a great time, Verna. The beach looks nice and the place you're staying is, too. Great to be together with your littlest treasures!

Laura L. said...

That beach looks wonderful to me. You know, we love living vicariously through you guys. :) I've been wishing for the beach this winter.
Enjoy, enjoy! Have a ton of fun.