Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Snow, It is a Meltin'

I'm getting a bit compulsive about making these premie hats. Not sure what I will do with this batch. Perhaps I will see if my hospital can use them. Otherwise they will be boxed up for China again.

28 and Sunny!

For three days now, when Mya gets home from school, the have taken out their bicycles and ridden around the cul-de-sac. While they are busy circling, I am using an old shovel to break up the ice at the end of the driveway. All of us get a good dose of fresh air and muscles get used. Today, there was a big puddle at the end of the driveway and the kids found out that their boots are not totally water proof AND jeans are very absorbant!

The moon makes an early appearance, rising in midafternoon.

Keith got the kids little DVD players to use on the plane. I am glad because they can plug in their favorite videos and watch as they wish. Here they are pretending tea party, watching Leapfrog videos and eating fruit.

Noah has come a long way on his alphabet learning in the last month. We have really been pushing it and it's paying off! Mya is reaping the bennies too. She gets more phonics lessons with the Leapfrog pack. I think I may have to invest in a couple more of their product.

2 viewers thoughts.:

Kim K. said...

Your hats are wonderful. Such a special talent. I love all things crafty but can't sew or knit to save my life. Enjoy your little warm-up! It's cold again in MI. Lots of snow this week. Hugs to your kiddos.

Colleen said...

Can you send the pattern for those hats to me? I had a favorite pattern, but misplaced it. Now I don't enjoy knitting the patterns that I do have. I'd appreciate the help.