Monday, February 08, 2010

Time Surely Flies!

Two years ago, we were preparing for the journey to Wuhan, Hubei, China to bring home our youngest son. What we knew was that he was nearly 2.5 years old at the time. A big boy from the measurements we had. He was pretty scared, I think. He has a little tear in his eye. I can only imagine that his foster grandma had said good bye and be a good boy. When I think of her, my heart hurts for her. We have no contact with her because the authorities do not share info about the foster families. What we do know is that she loved him and stuck up for him when a neighbor criticized her Ganggang (now our Noah). We are in debted to her for teaching him to love and caring for him with gentle hands. Some day, I hope to meet her. At the very least, I would like to send her an update so that she can know that her little boy is growing and learning and becoming a fine young man.

This video is from last week when Noah and Mya played outside for a bit. He is such a joy in our life. Thank the Lord for allowing us to parent this child!


3 viewers thoughts.:

Kim K. said...

Congratulations on nearly 2 years together. Celebrations all around!!!

Laura L. said...

He is one cutie pie boy. I know you are so blessed to have him with you.
He is so blessed as well, to have you for his parents.

Heather said...

Noah, you don't likely remember us, however we have such great memories of you! We were there when your Mama and Baba saw you for the first time and we will NEVER forget your smiley face and chunky cheeks! We love ya dearly and often smile when we talk about you!!