Monday, March 08, 2010

Snapshot Update

What do you do when daddy heads out of town? Head to the store, of course.

Each of the kids got new PJs. They are 3 peice sets. Noah put all 3 parts on. So, his shorts are over the Scooby Doo bottoms. Silly boy!

Mya has Hello Kitty on hers. Here she is eating her usual popsicle.

These two photos are for my sister, Colleen. She put together a bag of cool stuff she had around her house to give to the kids for Christmas. There were lots of neat things like construction paper and stickers. She also threw in a measuring tape for each of them. Noah has had great fun with his. Unfortunately, too much fun. Sadly, the metal tape broke and I found it in the garbage after work one night. No worries. Mya still has hers!!

I guess Noah thinks he's Handy Manny. Had to clip the measuring tape on his shirt!

8 viewers thoughts.:

redmaryjanes said...

They are so cute Verna!

Kim K. said...

Darling pics of the kiddos. I love your blog redesign. Very springy!!

God's Grace said...

OK, cute pics! but when I got on your blog I couldn't figure out where the birds were! Haha! didn't realize they were on your blog :) Terry

Nancy said...

I see Noah's face changing, he's looking like a little man, growing up!

Love the pics -

Colleen said...

Thanks for showing us the photos. Love that the pussy cat is supervising - making sure the two are correctly placing the tape-measure.

Steffie B. said...

Cute kids LVOE new jammes too....don't know why....but they do...and as far as Handy Mandy....we have some of those around here that Noah wanted to wear the entire pj set! ;)

Mr.Brian said...

I was reading your blog and kept hearing a bird.Thought I had lost my mind.Well I have but that is beside the point.Such cute kids.Better send the handy man my way.

~Linda said...

Miss you all! Give big hugs to Mya and Noah for me!