Sunday, April 11, 2010


Mya tries to fly a kite for the very first time. She did pretty will. Keith only
took it out of the tree once. Not very windy. So just a lot of up and then down for
Mya but she truly enjoyed it.

Noah kept busy with the playset, riding his jeep and even tried roller blading on the toy ones
we have from back in the day! (Our neighbor is raking his lawn in the background.
We dethatched last weekend--Thank you Charlie and Donna for use of your equipment.)

Keith stained our deck swing. Looks great! It was so dried out that it sucked up the stain.
Probably needs a coat of sealant.

Guess Daddy's influence is showing because Noah thought relazing to turn on an eoisode of
"Street Customs" (a program about rebuilding cars) and kicking back.

3 viewers thoughts.:

Kristin said...

Love the last picture! Looks like my girls chilling to whatever daddy wants to watch. =)

~Linda said...

Great photos Verna! Miss you All!

Steffie B. said...

First off....Fia would die for one of those kites Mya had...and the last picture of Noah is HILARIOUS!!!! ;)