Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Most days are pretty quiet here in our Maple Grove Manor. No, not quiet in terms of silence but quiet in terms of activities. I am not one who likes to plan every moment. We kind of go with the flow here. Most days consist of getting up about 8 AM [kids idea, not mine] and lounging around, sometimes with TV, sometimes not, until I think of something that we can or need to do. Yesterday, that something was shoe shopping at Kohl's.  I thought we had it all under control. We even picked out some new clothes 'cuz anyone who shops at Kohl's knows they have great sales. Plus we got 20% off for using our Kohl's card AND a $10 coupon to use the next time we shop there. Yee Haw!!  Anyway, we headed home, happily believing we spent only half what we would have paid at full price. We were home about an hour, during which Mya ran a lap around outside with her new shoes on, only to be told "Mom, these are too tight!"  They seemed fine in the store! [Did I mention the box played an annoying Sketchers tune when it opened?? See first picture--rainbow shoes. But, I dirgress.] Of course, in Mya's mind the problem needed to be remedied immediately. Not so for the Momma. It could wait. And it did. Until about 4:30 when I decided I could withstand another trek to K*.  We exchanged the shoes for a better fitting pair [white/pink running shoes-second picture] and were off. {Noah's shoes [black running shoes] were a great fit and didn't need exchanging. He proudly proclaimed that they made him run faster and jump higher and repeatedly thanked me for them.} Now that we have been through shoe shopping, I am totally looking forward to school supply shopping!  I think I will go by myself and boldly proclaim "You get what you get and you don't make a fit!"

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redmaryjanes said...

Wow! Very cool shoes!

Laura L. said...

Those are cute shoes. Jadyn would love those. Too bad the shoe shopping experience included 2 trips to the store.
What?! You got 20% off?? I think our coupon this time is only 15%. :(

We still need to do school shoe shopping AND supply shopping. But- if we are to do supply shopping, the school would have to actually tell me what the Kindergarten supplies we need are! For that matter, hey, why not tell me what time of day my child will attend??

Okay, I feel better now.... :)

Heather said...

Verna, I am seriously considering the same thing! The kids and I are crazy by the time we complete back-to-school shopping!!!! I am getting supplies sans kids!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an adventure. :-D

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Love the shoes! Love Kohls! Our kids started back this week...not sure where summer went??

Love and blessings,