Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erin Gets Married

Melana finalizing the "do" and Jennica gives to OK.
Close up of the hair.
Mya gets zipped.
Noah's tie is all ready.
Waiting for the ceremony.
Arriving at the reception.
Carrie gives her speech.
Dancing at the reception.
It was raining so hard most of the morning but at 2 pm there was just enough break for Erin to make it to the church without getting soaked. Because of the rain, everyone dressed at the church. We had pics before and after. Then they took some of the bridal party at the Town Green. This photo was taken by Jon as the newlyweds arrived for the reception. It was a lovely setting with GREAT food and  fun time of dancing. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Who Turned Seven

It is kind of a tradition for the birthday person to stand in the kitchen corner and have
their picture taken. We started it 2 houses ago. Erin wanted Mya to be added to that tradition.

Purple frosting, of course!  Yum!


Good sized crowd to eat the icecream cake.

New inline skates, pads and a helmet for the birthday girl.

Getting SO big!

Noah is getting a bit big for this but he still loves it.