Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Who Turned Seven

It is kind of a tradition for the birthday person to stand in the kitchen corner and have
their picture taken. We started it 2 houses ago. Erin wanted Mya to be added to that tradition.

Purple frosting, of course!  Yum!


Good sized crowd to eat the icecream cake.

New inline skates, pads and a helmet for the birthday girl.

Getting SO big!

Noah is getting a bit big for this but he still loves it.

8 viewers thoughts.:

Beckyb said...

Happy Birthday Mya - we thought of you!!! :)

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Mya!!

hollym. said...

Happy 7th Birthday, Mya!!

It's hard to believe this sweet girlies are 7! Hold on tight to this treasures!

Kim K. said...

Happy Birthday, Mya!! May is a special birthday month in our house too. Love your new skates!!

Laura L. said...

Cute photos and it looks like she had a great birthday. When I got home yesterday, Jadyn informed me that it was Mya's birthday and she is 7! :) Happy late birthday to Mya!

~Linda said...

Happy Birthday Mya! You have grown so much. Miss you and hope you have a wonderful Summer.

D said...

wow! they've gotten so big since the last time you posted.

Anonymous said...

YAY I'm glad you started the corner in the new house! Hope she had a great birthday!- Katie